Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This Slave's View of Punishment

The latest post is again written at masters request so that I might via another first within my relationship with master, to attempt to explain to readers the allure and power of a key component of the master slave relationship: Punishment. I would quickly suggest that either before or after reading the rest of this post that you take a look at masters section on the purpose of punishment. My first  punishment ever, consisted of a spanking using a leather belt of a multitude of twenty to twenty-five strikes upon my backside...and hard.

Here I will paraphrase a section of Master's blog to build upon where Master describes one of the main purposes of punishment being “the testing and providing opportunities for the slave's willingness to submit and for the pleasure of his master” I can honestly say that this statement rings true. For these very reasons, despite the fact that I had committed no sin against Master, I was able to draw a lot out of the session. It was both powerful and highly erotic.

The lashes were an order and I followed that order despite the pain and subsequent red cheeks (which master tells me were both prominent and quite arousing) and allowed me to prove to master the extent to which I am willing to submit to his desires, to surrender myself to his pleasure and his desires. For those who have noticed an emerging theme within my past posts, I find this to be as charging and fulfilling as master himself, secure in the knowledge that I am perfectly safe and master the proverbial updraft, under an eagles wings does indeed care for me.

Whilst I would not yet consider myself one of the 10% of slaves who are masochistic that Master mentions in his own posts (he may have other idea emerging about me) in my opinion the punishment may have been momentarily painful, but it was also mentally and to an extent physically gratifying.

As strange as it may sound to those uninitiated in slave master relationships, I am glad to have been able to undertake this new first and move my relationship with master on that little bit further.

--boi Jase

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  1. A slaves understanding of their own commitment is incredibly gratifying.