Friday, December 28, 2012

Smooth vs Natural--Ask First

 Chaste pup is not really my slave boi, he belongs to his partner who is dominate in their relationship.  He just stopped by to see what on line training was all about. He and his partner are looking for a master to train them both in their roles, but have now decided to search for that face to face, rather than on line.

Regardless, chaste pup's first challenge, as with most slaves, is to become accustomed to punishment....and he learned about it as you read below last night.  The fun of toothpaste to the balls is the surprise at how painful it is as you are sure ur balls will blister (but they do turn red).

I am sure chaste boi will remember to ask any master he may serve what he wants his body to be like and if it is this master, in the future not to shave his arm pits and pubes...which I find very erotic when intact.  Master wants to control a man, not a preadolescence, pre-pubic  growth young boy. So even though some masters and most slaves love to be shaved due to its humiliation, it is very boring for this master....and not chaste boi discovered.


  1. It is good to be reminded that a slave should ask for permission before doing anything like shaving or not. I would also believe that a master wished that a slave should be compeltely smooth at all times.

  2. Every master is different just as every slave is different. It is good to try not to make any assumptions about what they want just like it is good for them not to assume either.