Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Boi Nathos

I am a young university age boi, who is in the Internet slavery exactly one month. I must say that this is something new for me. For a long time i encouraged to contact some Internet master. One day I found site "recon". This is a site for gay men who are interested in fetish sex. I  immediately registered there and did a profile.

 On first day using this site, one master contacted me and asked me if  I was interested in online slavery with him. I was. So that is how I got my first online master...and first master in general, for in life I have never had a master.

I thought that it would be a problem since I have boyfriend, but sir was so good to me so there are not any problems. So yes I  have a boyfriend and he does not know about my Internet fetish sex activities. Some people may think that we have bad relationship; but  No, just the opposite. In all views of our life we understand each other perfectly. He is a little dominant in sex, but too little. So that´s why I wanted to try a relationship with a master, but still be loyal to my boy friend.

Wank to Edge
Master told me  at the very beginning, that I can´t ever cum without his permission unless my bf makes me cum. So this means I can't wank off my cock even when by bf is having sex with me. In the beginning, this was very difficult, as I was used to wanking off by myself and with my boy friend.

 So far I have only cum once without masters permission and this was very early in our relationship. I wanked in the morning and I could not withstand the pressure, and did not stop in time and so I came. I felt very bad and disappointed in myself and of course I told this to my master. He then punished me hard.
Now it is much better and master's training of edging me over and over for long periods of time has helped me not to cum when I am wanking.  I have much better control. Sir also gives me very exciting assignments almost every day and of course we have online trainings.

Definitely I feel enriched, more complete sexually,  since I now have my first master.

This should be enough for the first post! More about our trainings and my daily assignments in the future.

Boi Nathos

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  1. Your first master is a good one. Be sure not to mess up as there are not more like him out there.