Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boi Blake - Humiliation

Thinking back about some of the very first humiliation assignments by my master, I of course got hard. I remember during the fall season there were many leaves on the ground outside my house. He ordered me to go outside and fill my tightie whities under my jeans full of fallen leaves. Not just in the front and groin area, but, also in the back. I was living with my parents and had a great aunt and uncle visiting. My mother and great aunt were home at the time, so I was nervous yet excitedly aroused doing the assignment. I hurried out, pushed leaves into a small pile and filled my tightie whities. Ran back in and up to be on cam again, so my master could see I followed his order and was truly his submissive slave. This was just the beginning of humiliation for this boi.

Piss In Your Jeans Now Boi

Pissing has become an extremely hot and erotic humiliating order. The master being a patient master, knowing limits are there but pressing them to be further out and ultimately gone gave my first piss order to me when I was dressed in jeans. I got so excited to know that this was going to be my first self-pissing order that my boi cock got hard. Having a hard cock makes it very difficult for me to piss. Once the piss started flowing, the jeans darkened down the left leg, and "oh it felt so good" to feel the warmth of the piss go down the leg. I then was ordered to stop the piss and reposition the slave cock so the piss could go down the other leg. I obeyed and felt the joy of the warm piss going down that leg. Yes, it is humiliating to piss on one self, but the happiness and joy from it because of pleasing and obeying your master overcomes the  feeling of humiliation, and makes it worthwhile.

There have been many more humiliating self-pissing orders and other types of humiliating assignments. I will share more in a future post. It is always an erotic thrill to get a humiliating order and/or assignment from my master. He is the best!

--Boi Blake

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  1. Willing humiliation and understanding that all power has been handed over is so freeing.