Friday, January 4, 2013

boi Nathos' Assignments

Like I  promised in my last post, here is a post about my daily assignments.

Almost every day sir gives me tasks which I must to do. So in my month of my slavery I have done quite  a few things. To mention only a few:
  • My first assignment was a good deed. I went to old lady nearby and help her clean her house.
  • One of the most exciting tasks was when i had to carve a heart with an arrow through it, masters and my initials into a tree in town park where I lived, before I went to study. Every time when I go to this place I go to the tree and I kiss the heart (even in minus 0 degrees C), knowing that master loves me and cares for me.
  • He also gives me assignments like I have to piss all day only outside of my house, or tied balls for more hours, and I must clean my shower with my slave tongue...
  • But the most exciting and just outstanding task I got yesterday. Master told me what I had to do before my shower. I had to kneel naked in front of the toilet, jerk off three times to the edge, then dip my head in the toilet and flush it and then with a wet head again three times jerk off to the edge.
 Dunk Head Under Water
That was so sexy. My feelings were great. This was truly proof of my love to master and I am so proud to be his slave. I am happy that I pleased master. I was hard for15 minutes after I did this and I wanted to come so badly it hurt. But sir told me clearly: "never cum without my permission". And if sir says that, then it must be so!

I am happy to do everything that master orders to prove my commitment and loyalty to him.

More about trainings of physical punishments another time!

Boi Nathos

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  1. It is great how the punishments can be physical or mental. THey really seem to stress that the master relationship can safely extend to all aspects of life.