Sunday, January 6, 2013

Humiliation Assignments

All slaves are submissive, just as all masters are dominate.  boi Nathos describes and talks about some of his assignments in his recent post and how hot and erotic they were for him.  Slaves get pleasure from pleasing their masters, and boi Nathos is no exception; in fact he has a very strong desire to please.

Loving humiliation is a natural extension of this desire and need to be submissive to their master and even his friends as he dictates...and this is immediately erotic for the slave. Consequently, the following are some of the acts that a slave will respond to with great desire and sexuality:
  • Slave being naked when master/others are dressed (CMNM)
  • Slave being on all fours at master's feet
  • Slave licking and worshiping master's feet/boots
  • Slave pissing on self, drinking master's piss, being pissed on
  • Slave being ordered to obey master's commands, regardless what they are (assignments)
Puppy with Tail (happy)
  • Slave being treated as a puppy (puppy play is very submissive and cute for many submissives, just look at them smile as they fetch a ball, wag their tail, sleep naked in a cage, etc and see how their cock behaves!)
  • Slaves having submissive words marked on their naked bodies: "Owned Slave", "Fuck Here" with an arrow to the appropriate hole, "Slut", "Pussy", etc.
Assignments that carry some degree of risk of being seen or being done in front of others or in public also can be very erotic for some, but not all, slaves.  In boi Nathos case:
  • Cleaning the old lady's house, as she was bound to tell the whole village, about the nice young man who knocked on her door and asked if he could help clean her house as a gift during Christmas. It is the act of being ordered and then obeying by doing that others might see that increase the sexual nature of the act.
  • Carving the valentine in the village park, linking his initials to his masters, and kissing it each time he goes to the both submissive and risky.  What would you think if you saw a handsome clean cut 22 year old kissing a tree in your city park?
  • Sticking your head under the water and flushing the toilet....hard to find something more submissive and humiliating than that...and notice that he almost came! 
The extreme lovers of humiliation are those that are also exhibitionists and desire to be out in public on a leash, revealing holes in their pants, expressing their submissiveness for the whole world to see.

Of course, the master loves all this submission, because he is in charge of it, and he is asserting his domination over his it all fits like a glove and completes the slave/master relationship.

Most masters prefer to utilize submission with their slaves when they are together, rather than giving assignments for the slave to do on his own. I am no exception to that desire and preference; but as boi Nathos has a bf 24/7 and lives with him, we use assignments so the slave can fulfill his desire and need to be submissive, even when his master is not present.  As boi Nathos will relate, he craves assignments and accomplishes them with great enthusiasm and with a hard cock!  On the master's side, it presents many challenges and opportunities to be creative.

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  1. Humiliation is one of the keys to stretching a slave's limits. I know that is where I push myself and often surprise myself at how much i enjoy the embarassment and shame.

  2. thus gave me some thinking material