Monday, January 28, 2013

Boi Damien's Intro

I am a 22 year old boi who has been in slavery for almost one week. I discovered my Master through Recon; I had spoken to several men prior to him, but the moment Sir spoke to me I knew I belonged to Him. Master is my first, but He is willing to train me to please Him.
Newbie's Desire Is Raging
For me, my slavery is entirely about submission to Master. For each session (we have had several) I crave pleasing Sir in whatever way I can. He is aware of my limits and respects them, while still pushing me right to the edge of my comfort zone until I'm begging Him for more.

I have learned to absolutely love CBT. Master has me slap/punch my balls during almost every session. Sometimes I also get to whip my boi cock and balls with a belt to please Him. The pain is an enormous turn-on not because I love being hurt, but because it shows how I submit to Master. Tonight He had me tie a shoe to my balls and swing it while I jacked right to the edge. I smiled through the intense pain because I knew Sir's cock was getting hard while he watched me do it.

The most challenging part of my slavery has been cum control. Prior to training I came between 2 and 3 times every I am not allowed to cum without permission. Master has been kind to me and allowed me to cum several times in His presence, but I still struggle every day to not stroke my boi cock until I cum. I routinely edge my cock when I get hard...and then I have to slap my balls until it goes down again. But every time I slap myself I know that I'm doing what Master wants.

I look forward to posting more in the future about my training as well as some of the other conversations Sir and I have. Definitely more to come...and perhaps even a few pictures some day.

Boi Damien

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