Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Boi Smith Intro

I am a new boi and today my master trained me for the first time in earnest. This is my first of many posts  that I hope to post as I serve my master in anyway possible that pleases him.

I was all dressed up for a late meeting at my job, wearing slacks dress shirt and a smart tie. He made me edge over and over and spank my butt until it was quite red and warm. Then he had me spank my balls over and over, edging me each time so I was dripping precum, which I had to eat. He ordered me to finger fuck my tight ass as he edged me again and then smell my finger and finally suck it clean.

         As you see, I was very excited and hard after his training...................................

As it was time for me to leave for my meeting at work he ordered me to dress again, but he would not let me wear any underwear.  When I was dressed he told me to go to my meeting commando....I was so hard I could barely get my cock back in my pants and when I did my hard cock made them tent.

I pleaded with him to let me cum over and over, but he refused, telling me to go to the meeting.  I begged him one more time and he said the only way I will let u cum is if u cum in your pants without taking your cock out. I immediately began to wank my cock through the pants .  He commanded me "faster faster" and then," harder harder" and then "CUM" and I did. The cum was a lot and showed through my pants and was visible to anyone who would look at them.  To make matters worse, I was so excited that even after my walk to work and all during the meeting my cock remained hard poking my pants out.

 I am sure he made me cum in my trousers to prove I am a mega dirty slave with no control of my own cum. I know I deserve to be punished for always wanting to cum and I want to please him so much I will try to do better and not be so selfish.

--boi Smith

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  1. All throughout life we are taught it is okay to be selfish. It can take time to overcome that urge and give oneself up to another.