Sunday, January 27, 2013

Newbie Boi Han Discovers His Hidden Needs

This is my first of my many equal enjoyable times.

 We started off with a cum ban and it was amazing, because I didn't want to cum until I was told I couldn't (though it being my first day, at the end I was allowed to cum but once). It was just amazing.

Newbie Starts to Obey

 I don't have any experience so that also means I don't have much stuff. That didn't stop my amazing master, he invented thing for me to do with what I had.

Never before had I edged myself, but I did it a total of like 10 times and it was awesome. Not only was my cock pleased but also my entire body.

 Beating myself for my master was even more of a turn on as it showed how much control he had over me.

It has just been an amazing experience all around, and I haven't even mentioned the boot or leather belt. But this has just made me more and more eager to have another go and enjoy my master even more :)

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  1. Coming so close to the edge and then turning back only to go all the way to the edge again is one of the greatest feelings in the world when cumming finally occurs.