Sunday, January 13, 2013

Growth for Your Pup

Hello to all readers of this master/slave blog,

I've been exploring the world of submission and domination for the past three years, but I certainly couldn't call myself experienced. For as long as I can remember my sexual fantasies had been in many ways connected to what most people would consider humiliating.

I have always dreamed of being naked when other people are dressed around me to show my sexual side to be in a way presented. In these fantasies I was either with someone who shared my desires in the submissive way or I was in a relationship with a man who was my teacher, mentor and later master.

My idea of a master has always been of someone who can be very gentle and caring towards me, someone who honestly expresses his love and appreciation towards me, but on the other hand he is also very strict, demanding and firm towards me. He doesn't hesitate to punish me for my own good. In a way my first fantasy has always been a sort of daddy-son/slave relationship...
As time went by I became more and more closed as far as my sexuality was concerned, which is probably normal for a gay guy in his puberty; but no matter,  when I was masturbating I have always imagined myself being subordinated to one or more guys and being humiliated and if possible publicly displayed.

Humiliation and exhibitionism are very connected in my mind; I am a natural performer so I like to be watched; I like to pose. But the thing with performing is that you have to be completely relaxed and enjoy it to make it beautiful to others. That is my sole desire, to make it beautiful in order to please someone else and to be loved in return.
As I said I started to explore my slave side only a couple of years ago because before I always thought it was wrong. I was ashamed of this desire, probably because of this stupid individualistic and egoistic ideas that are being put in our heads from the earliest age on.. Now I am slowly coming to terms with myself that  there is nothing wrong with not being selfish, not being hard and controlled at all times and wanting to please. The thing is, if you are honest about yourself, you always get the love that you deserve so much; but not by wanting it, but by just being yourself and enjoying all the colourful varieties of your identity.

To do this, training is necessary and this special knowledge was given to me, as a gift last night by this master who started this blog.

Last night I experienced one of the most sincere sessions in my life. And the most beautiful thing  is that  for the first time in my life I have met a master that I could actually trust and this feeling is completely new to me.

I started the conversation with a lie.. I told him I already have a master and that he specifically allows me to be trained in a certain way - which one could say is selfish from my side, but actually I did it because I lack trust. This has probably something to do with bad past experiences, but trust is also a deeper issue with me.

He proceeded to  train me as a pup, which I love. Puppy training usually makes me so excited I leak precum through the entire session; it is also the easiest way for me to let go and obey completely, I can do things as a pup I have problems with as a slave - like pissing in front of master, drinking piss, rimming, doing humiliating things..

So yesterday Master trained me as a pup and I must say he really knows what he is doing. He didn't let me cum, but he made me masturbate in front of him to the edge a couple of times and the feeling of doing it for him was so good.. I really managed to relax to a level that I actually forgot about the image I was producing and was thinking just about how I relaxed and was being myself and it was something that pleases my master and that is my sole desire..

After the session I had a beautiful conversation that helped me get to know him and him get to know me better. For that I am probably most grateful of all because I could see him in a new light. I know this did something to me especially considering the issue of trust.

 I realised that he knew I was lying about me having a master in order to protect myself and that he also read through all other things I faked; he new exactly how to read me and the truth about me. This notion was a revelation to me, not due to the fact it was new, but it was because usually I would  get paranoid and protective about myself if I had the feeling of someone  reading my thoughts or knowing me so well.

This time for the first time in my life I didn't felt uncomfortable about it, I actually liked it and it made me respect him in a very positive way. I don't know why but I think it has something to do with the fact that his basic intentions were honest and good. He didn't make me feel bad about myself..

Thank you very much for this and everything else.. I would love to experience more of you..

--Your Pup..


  1. Awesome! He is the best master out there

  2. I would very much like to be turned into an obedient pup and imagine i too would be leaking precum the whole session.