Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Slaves with Boy Friends

A slave who has a Boy Friend
Like boi Nathos, as a master I sometimes take a submissive boi, who has a bf, and who are in committed relationships.  I prefer single bois who are not in a relationships, as it makes training much easier and less complicated, as the boi can focus solely  sexually on the master.

However, in boi Nathos' case he feels strongly he needs more than just his current level of sexuality with his bf, he wants to have some kink and to really be submissive to a strong dom, as that is very, very erotic for him.  .....but, he does not want to have a face to face master, as he knew that would risk the loving relationship he has with his bf. 

I am always supportive of a boi's relationship with his bf in such cases and do not want to ever come between them.  In addition, I train a boi to be submissive to his bf, even if the bf is not a strong dominate or is even just a top, equal, or even a bottom.  Sometimes it is possible for a sub to seduce his bf to be more agressive, or at least to do submissive acts on his bf as part of sex. Perhaps boi Nathos can share some on what I ordered him to do to his bf that underscore boi's submissiveness.

Boi Nathos, as most of my slaves are trained so the minute I talk to them, they start to get hard immediately, awaiting the excitement of serving me...just like Palvo's dogs. As you will read and understand as he continues to post, our relationship is based on trust and desire for boi to please this master with everything he does.  For him this is sexually erotic acts, but he also knows that he must make his master happy in his real world as well.  This includes his relationship with his bf, family and friends. 

Boi is in school, a university, is taking a very hard course of professional study and as his master, I require him to do very well. He is not allowed to skip any class, must do all his school work a head of time and study very hard for all exams.  He reports every grade he gets to his master.  He also has a job, which he also must do well......none of my slaves are slackers, all must achieve to the best of their ability.

So this might be different by the stereotype master who require that their slaves only please them sexually and the rest of life be left behind.  As you saw from my support of the "Slaves Bill of Rights", this single  approach is not for me or my slaves.  I do take slaves from recon postings and begin a discussion, check the fit, and then move forward and try them out, or pass.  Less than 5% of the slaves that post their profiles on recon are contacted by me, and even fewer are tried and trained.

Slaves are dismissed from service of this master for lying, being unfaithful, being unreliable, or not performing in life to their best abilities.   Slaves are released from service by this master when master feels they are ready to move on and should be having a face to face relationship, not complicated by serving this master.  One of the slaves of this master has served over 10 years, some over 2 years, most serve at least a year.  The minimum time period is at least 3 months in order to stress commitment.  This master is not interested in one offs or one night stands.  If a slave just wants a sexual relationship so eventually can get off, he will not be allowed to serve me.

For those of you who do not believe an on line relationship can be fulfilling sexually, continue to read some of the on line slaves posting and see what intensity they get out of will be obvious how they feel emotionally as they post.  As for me, yes all my slaves sexually arouse me, and do, when they give me their all, make me cum with great excitement and even passion.  In the end to be truthful, one exists for the other...and without  a master, a slave is lost, as a master is lost without a slave.  In this case, the path to being complete and whole is in fact a slave/master relationship.  If you are missing completeness and need it, try it!


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  1. The pleasure you take is apparent in how great you treat your slaves.