Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boi Blake's Outdoor Humiliation

Yesterday, Master and I were chatting about a new chapter in my professional life. But, before he dismissed me I told him I had not pissed, showered or shaved yet. He responded "mmmmmmmmm, out on your patio."
Patio Where I was Forced to Piss and Jack to Edge

Slave Piss in Jeans on Patio
Before I knew it, I followed his orders and put on my jeans (free balling) and a t-shirt and was sent outside onto my patio. He ordered me to spread my legs, hands behind my neck and to piss. Since I had not pissed yet from the night before, there was an almost never ending stream of piss coming out of my slave dick and soaking the jeans and making puddles on the patio, as it ran down my legs.

Handsome young guy gets so horny this he wants to take his prick out of his jeans to shoot his orgasm off [1]
Ordered to Wank on Patio
When it was done coming out, master had me wank my cock so it was fully hard in my jeans. He then ordered me to pull out my cock for all to see and wank til I was at the edge of cumming. My neighbors are all around me and some can even see over the fence if they were out in their was humiliating and a high risk adventure to say the least!

He ordered me a few more times to edge...and then I was ordered down to hump on the patio cement floor with my bare cock...and as a fully owned slut, I followed his order and humped the cement floor until I was close to cumming and had to stop.

Master had me stand back up and hold my hands over my head in a single giant fist and then made me beat my balls by swinging down from above my head over and over again. After about 30 or so ball punches, I was ordered to edge again. I arrived on edge quickly due to submission, the risk of discovery, exposed cock and even the pain that I knew pleased my master.

Piss Puddle Slave Had to Lick Up
He then ordered me to get on my hands and knees and lick up the piss that was on the cement patio...all of it. I did as he ordered and as ordered I wanked my slave cock and licked the piss at the same time. I then was ordered to lay on my back in the piss and wank my slave cock multiple times to edge for all see. After this, he ordered me to flip over and hump the pissed cement floor. I fully obeyed his order.

Next, he ordered me back in the house to my bathroom and had me strip naked, then shower, shave, and brush my teeth. After that, I got one last order before I dressed...write "owned slut" on my chest. I did just that as he watched me write on my chest...and of course my slave cock became erect, fully aroused and not being allowed to cum.

This session had me nervous, excited, and horned up. I have done other short private training sessions on my patio, but not so much as I had yesterday and never to exposed. It elevated my humiliation greatly, but I noticed as I became proud of obeying, I lost my sense of nervousness during the session and was able to piss and get very hard, which made me proud to please my master. It made me feel complete to be able to please him.

 It was possible that some of my neighbors could see me over the fence, fully exposed and wonder what I was actually doing; but they most likely would never figure it out!

My master does protect me and never orders his slaves to do illegal acts. I am a truly owned slut and am proud to say I love my master. I suspect more outdoor sessions are in my future. It is my desire to comply and excite and serve my master no matter what.

--boi Blake

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  1. The whole dynamics of the situation change when outdoors. Everything feels more public and primal.