Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Does Master Select Slaves?

Fine boy handcuffed before nasty cock play;
Very Submissive
There are more slaves than masters in the world of gay BDSM.  Although finding a slave and finding a master are two separate pursuits, which both have to come to agreement on, I thought readers might be interested in how this master selects his slaves.
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Serious Submissive & Trusting
  • Slaves sometimes come to master's attention by the slave contacting master from Recon, Dare Forums, Collar Me, or some such site.
  • Master reads most new members' profile on Recon (Slave and Master) and sends them a response if they met his initial criteria.
  • Initial criteria is normally: ages 20-35, 100% Submissive, gay and can communicate in English. Having twink looks is not as important as the need and desire to be submissive.
  • After contact, master and slave evaluate each other for mutual fit, which from the master's side include the following: slave has web cam, is single, is available to train at least once a week, better 3 times, his limits are acceptable to master, is reliable, has goals, is intelligent, working or in university and doing well.
  • Slaves who will not accept/experience punishment will not fit with this master, so those with no tolerance to pain will be rejected....but those who do not know will be trialed.  Master's level of punishment is NOT extreme, but necessary for his appreciation of slave's desire to please.  Read master's post on Punishment that appears earlier in this blog.
  • Slaves need to be able to communicate, be reliable, trust worthy and not flakes. Those who say they will at least im once weekly and do not, will be dismissed.
  • Slaves who can train more often than others, normally have a leg up and move to the head of the line.
  • Slaves who are very submissive move to the head of the line
  • Note that slaves who have had little experience have no disadvantage to slaves that have had more.  This master finds a slave's discovery of himself very erotic and interesting.
  • On Line Slaves must be willing to train on webcam and those that show face after establishing a trust level, have an advantage over those who do not.  Normally after 4 weeks if boi is not ready to show face, then he will be dismissed.
  • No slave is required to post to the blog, that is entirely up to them, as is the content of thier posts. 

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