Thursday, December 20, 2012

Purpose of Slave Punishment

Understanding that some slaves have no understanding of  training and the types of punishment that have been or will be  used to train him, I think I should explain a bit my view.

  • Punishment is not only meted out to a slave because he has fucked up or disobeyed
  • The majority of punishment in most slave/master relationships is used to test the slave's willingness to submit to the master.
  • It provides the slave the opportunity to submit to the master and prove his obedience in order to please him
  • As a master, I always have in place limits and a safe word which I never ever ignore or violate.
  • Some slaves I train believe I might be a sadist as their punishment hurts and does cause pain, but in my case I do not punish unless the slave is hard, with his cock erect. I find a soft cocked slave boring and not sexual in the least.
  • For me punishing an erect slave and edging him between punishment is very erotic and highly sexual
  • I have my own limits in regard to punishment: No blood, No permanent damage to boi
  • Slaves will I am sure describe whatever punishment I met out to them, so you will see quite a variety
  • A slave who likes punishment a lot and gets a sexual high from pain is termed a masochist
  • Masochist slaves usually enjoy my training a lot and come back again and again for more and even want their limits pushed (certainly less than 10% of slaves are masochists). Some even fuck up in order to beget more and more punishment.
  • Yet all slaves should expect some form of physical punishment.
  • Having said that about physical punishment, the actually worst punishment for a slave is separation from his master. If a slave of mine is willfully disobedient I am more likely to punish him by banning him from talking to me or being trained by me for a set number of days. Most slaves find this punishment to be almost unbearable.

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